Grupa DKM Sp. z.o.o. sp.k.

The company Grupa DKM Sp. z.o.o. sp.k. is a brand built on the scaffolding family business, which dates back to 1997. 

Throughout our business activity, our company is changing and constantly improving the quality of services.

In the process of developing our company, it was a natural process to establish the company Grupa DKM Sp. z.o.o sp.k., which is based on long-time experience and employees, who guarantee the continuity and reliability of our company in the execution of scaffolding works.

The changing market and its requirements have resulted in the creation of a company, which evolved from a small, family business, offering comprehensive scaffolding services to its clients in the field of installation, rental and sale of scaffoldings. While remaining true to our principles, we focus on honest customer relationships, responsibility and reliability in the process of service delivery.

Nowoczesne rusztowania

Gupa DKM już od wielu lat bazuje na sprawdzonych rusztowaniach najlepszych renomowanych producentów rusztowań

Certfikowane doświadczenie

Rzetelność Naszych usług potwierdzają posiadane przez Nas certyfikaty oraz referencje kontrahentów

Ponad 20 lat na rynku

Wieloletnie doświadczenie w branży przekłada się na jakość oraz rzetelność usług, które świadczymy

Why us?

Among the scaffolding companies, we are distinguished by the speed of action and mobilization for the needs of emergency tasks as well as readiness for long-term service in the field of scaffolding for industrial sites.

One of our main principles is to base business on long-term relationships with clients and provide comprehensive scaffolding services of the highest quality.

Where can you meet us?

Grupa DKM Sp. z.o.o. sp.k. provides services to clients on the Polish and international market.

Petrochemical facilities in Poland and abroad as well as industrial sites such as power plants, cogeneration plants, steelworks, food-processing establishments are our speciality.

Our Staff

The activity of the DKM Group is based on the knowledge and experience of the regular staff, which contributes to providing our services at the highest level.

Thanks to experience, we know how to organize work so that it runs smoothly and safely, and we are aware how to avoid organizational and logistical errors.

In our team, we employ:

Scaffolders: certified by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining and holding E2 and D2 energy licences, as well as SCC security certificates for the needs of carrying out works abroad

Employees with SEP E+D certification, performing earthing installations and necessary measurements;

Managers with construction qualifications, which allows scaffolding to be accepted and operated immediately after installation;

OHS employees responsible for supervision over our employees in terms of the occupational health and safety.

Our principles

In its activities, the DKM Group focuses on the highest quality and safety of the work carried out over the years.

We conduct our activities in accordance with the principles of Management Systems and applicable laws: PN-EN ISO 9001:2015; PN-EN ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018.

Scaffolding systems with the Safety Certificate of the Polish Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining;

Compliance with labour law regulations;

Continuously improving the level of occupational health and safety through employee training focused on the proper use of protective equipment against falls from a height, and the use of safe vertical transport techniques.

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